3 New Year’s Resolutions For A Creature of the Night

3 New Year’s Resolutions For A Creature of the Night:

  1. Drop down to fighting weight by avoiding fatty organs
  2. Seize surrounding area from other monsters; mark new territory
  3. Develop greater patience with the hunt; let the tender morsels fall into my trap

My Resolutions for 2018:

  1. Loose 5 lbs, stretch goal of 10 lbs. Eat healthier and exercise
  2. Write the first book of a new series and book 4 of The Wolf of Dorian Gray Series  and Complete 3 books a year for the next 5 years
  3. Complete Audiobook of Books 2 and 3
  4. Obtain a Bestseller category tag on Amazon and continue towards goal to retire at 55 with full time author income

I’d love to hear what your New Year’s Resolutions are; either as a creature of the night or just for yourself! Also, I need your help…please see the section towards the bottom of this email below.

Book 3 Now Available on Paperback

Lupari: Werewolf Hunter is now available on Paperback: Order your copy today!


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 Chris Turner


I Need Your Help!

The 3 Book Series Page is now up on Amazon, and I need your help! If you have posted a review on any of the three books, please post something similar (or covering the full series) using this convenient review link. If you haven’t posted a review, please do so now.

I will soon be starting other series and with limited time, the number of reviews helps me determine where to focus my efforts based on what my readers want. Those with the most reviews will get the next book in that series sooner! Your support makes a tremendous difference. I read each review personally and try to incorporate your feedback into improving my work. Please leave a review


I wish you and your family an amazing 2018! Remember to send me your resolutions, questions and comments.


You can learn more about book four in The Wolf of Dorian Gray series: Rise of the Werewolf Queen, as well as information on other upcoming books at http://brianference.com.


Brian S. Ference


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