Evolution of Book 2 Cover Design

Below is the evolution of the Book 2 cover design. The second book in the series continues the tale but takes a different turn. I wanted the design to reflect the feeling in Purgatory of the Werewolf and you can see the progression below:

This first concept went with the blood red font for the series title and a new font for the book name.

Readability of the book series name in thumbnail was low so I tried a white text.

After some feedback, I emphasized the book name first and added some stroke, putting the series title in a strip. I was also excited by the effect of putting “of the” in smaller letters in-between Purgatory and Werewolf.

Then tried this lighter bar concept.

After even more feedback settled on this last concept with the blood red moon.

Last of all a little darkening with a filter.

And a tweak to the red of the moon.

Do you prefer white or red moon though? What are your thoughts? Which version would cause you to pick up the book or trigger your interest more?

Updated red moon.

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