Templates When Self-Publishing A Book & Different Print & Distribution Companies

Book Content Templates

There are many templates available from a wide variety of sites. The most difficult part to use is usually the creating of a linked table of contents for use in an ebook format. Printed templates are mostly what-you-see-is-what-you-get and various print on demand and distribution sites like IngramSpark.com, CreateSpace.com, and Lulu.com make these print templates available at the size you want your book to be printed in. A good example is the 6″x9″ format.

I highly recommend using Microsoft word and make use of the Headers as this will make the creation of a linked table of contents and navigation much easier. See the below screenshot:


If you are looking for an ebook template I recommend finding one on SmashWords.com or simply insert a bookmark for each chapter (linking it to Chapter 1: for example) and then insert the link in a manually created table of contents.

There are also a wide variety of templates available for free or for purchase with a simple Google search but for the most parts you don’t need them. Take a look at the formatting that some books already in print use and try to copy it as best you can.

Formatting services are also available from sites like Fivvr.com and Upwork.com

Cover Page Templates

Now, cover page templates are a completely different story.  They are also available from the sites like IngramSpark.com, CreateSpace.com, and Lulu.com but each printer has a completely different cover template that you need to use. They are usually provided as PDF or PNG files and you need an image editing program such as InDesign or Adobe Photoshop (which is what I used).

Here is an example of the IngramSpark 6×9 template:


And the similar but different sized Create Space Template:


Example of Finished Cover Template:


What ever you do, do not approve a template before carefully going over every single page of the digital proof with a fine tooth comb (and ask a friend to check for errors too). IngramSpark requires you to approve the digital proof before ordering a physical book and the problem is once the digital proof is approved, every change costs $25. IngramSpark also has a $49 setup fee (try searching for coupons or this code GETPUBLISHED) for a discount.

Create Space does not charge a setup fee and does let you order printed proofs before approving (a big plus). Lulu is the same. But neither have the extensive international distribution network that IngramSpark has.

My recommendation would be to get a physical proof printed from CreateSpace first as it is the cheapest and quickest delivery in the United States (during setup) and then when you are pleased with it, reformat for IngramSpark if international distribution is your goal.

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