Apply below to join my V.I.P. – ARC Street Team


I will send out Advance Review Copies (ARCs) 4-6 weeks before the release date of my next book to full V.I.P. readers in exchange for an honest review of the book posted to and other review sites.

These reviews will need to be posted as quickly as possible once the book is for sale. Reviews on a sales platform like Amazon allow browsing shoppers to get a good idea of whether a book might be enjoyable for them, and can play a large role in influencing new readers to try the book.

By offering ARCs to readers, an author can guarantee reviews in the first few days of the book’s release and provide real reader opinions to others while the book is at its most visible.

It is VITAL that you abide by the Amazon Review Policies by disclosing in your review that you “received an ARC copy free and liked it enough to post a review.”


  • Receive my books totally free before anyone else does!
  • Qualify for great prizes and giveaways!
  • Those who post a review will also receive the NEXT book free!
  • Much more!


My V.I.P. – Advance Reader Street Team is a group of volunteers who read and review ARCs of my newest books. Full members of the team receive a free copy of a new book before its release date. In exchange, they read the book and post their honest review on sites like and before or shortly after the release date.

ARC reviews should be your honest opinion, while focusing on what makes the book interesting or enjoyable, while avoiding spoilers or plots summaries. I count on my ARC reviews to successfully launch my new books, so full members of my V.I.P. team are expected to read and review by the release day deadline.

The V.I.P. team plays an important role in the success of each new book, and I can’t show my appreciation enough. You have my heartfelt thanks.