Editorial Review of Book 3 Lupari Werewolf Hunter by Author Chris Turner

I would like to give a big thank you to Author Chris Turner for the below editorial review of Lupari: Werewolf Hunter (The Wolf of Dorian Gray Series Book 3):

“Brian Ference writes a thrilling creature tale… With lots of action, gore and plot twists that will keep you guessing throughout. Praise for Lupari Werewolf Hunter. Highly recommended!

***Warning the below may contain spoilers***

Werewolves terrorize industrial England’s landscape, killing in the most brutal fashion and leaving behind a trail of destruction. A venturesome werewolf hunter of distant Romania, calls them the Varcolac, age-old harbingers of evil and bringers of death and blood-curse.

Dorian, the one werewolf with a conscience, battles a dark version of himself. His only aim is to save the human race and the ones he loves, though he fears of the beast that he becomes. Yet the seductive werewolf Luna puts every obstacle in his path.

Scotland yard’s chief Inspector Clarke is stymied by the citywide werewolf carnage and calls on the help of Europe’s most fearsome hunter, the famous Van Helsing. Together with a clairvoyant from the past, endowed with magical powers, and a spunky apprentice devoted to her master, can they hope to rid England of her terrors?

– Chris Turner, Author of Denibus Ar and many other fantasy, adventure, and science fiction novels.”

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