WereWolfBook Interview with Brian S. Ference

Question: This is the second book in The Wolf of Dorian Gray Series. How is your second book different than the first?

Answer: The first book and the second are actually quite different. Book one The Wolf of Dorian Gray: A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man was written as a sort of homage to one of my favorite authors, Oscar Wilde, and was a mashup of several genres. In an attempt to stay true to his work, there is an element of philosophy, examination of morality, and religious aspects interwoven among the new connections of Romani blood magic and a wolf. I admit I made several mistakes as it was my first novel and have attempted to not repeat them in the second book.

Purgatory of the Werewolf picks up where the first book left off, but takes a different tone and goes in a completely unique direction. The second book is more focused in terms of genre on action, the werewolf, elements of horror and dark fantasy, and an epic war as Dorian seizes his second chance and changes his ways. It is faster paced and a much stronger work overall that incorporates a ton of reader feedback to deliver an amazing story.

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